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Meet me in the {HOTEL LOBBY}



Oh yay! I came back from Gothenburg this..tuesday night, I think. It was so much fun!
We went there on the 26th or 27th and stayed for like a week! Heeheeeheeee. ^^
Bluhhh, I'm too tired to keep on writing. It feels weird being home.


Harry Potter 6

I think I cried through the last 80 pages.
eh.. What the hell will number seven be like?

Release now.




This is so sad..

Hi, my name is Tabitha. I am a 12 year old dead girl and was brutally murdered by a pack of wild men. If you do not copy and paste this image and link in a bulletin or on your Livejournal, Xanga, or e-mail addresses, I will appear in your closet the next time you open it and kill you.




Guess what I just bought?


Haven't started reading yet though, going to clean my room first~!
Wee. ^^



There's a lot I've been wanting to write the last two weeks, but I've found that I haven't had time to do so! Sorry sorry. My dad and his new girlfriend are engaged and are trying to get pregnant (THEY ARE 41(dad) AND 44(girlfriend)!!!!).. It's crazy! They didn't tell me any of this. They announced the engagement at midsommar, and everyone in the family but me knew about it (my dad apparently thinks it doesn't concern me or something.) And the getting-pregnant-thing.. I have to explain a couple of things first..

My uncle and his girlfriend + children (my cousins) came up like.. 10 days ago to spend some time with us here up in the north. :P and one night, we ("kidsen", as my uncle's girlfriend like to call us) were upstairs playing some game on the computer.. and one of them goes downstairs to get some strawberries, and heard that the adults were still eating dinner. They were apparently discussing unprotected sex, and my dad mentioned that they were trying to get pregnant! (yes, my father too :P!!).. My cousin went back upstairs and told me and I was like ".......................... excuse me? -___-"..

Anywaaay, enough about that. It was fun overall meeting my cousins. They're nice (except for the one who told me about the pregnant-thingy. He is the devil, trapped inside the body of a 14 year old.), and the older ones (17 and twins!) are really cute. But boring boring boring. XP
The only thing they care about is like.. Warcraft and stuff like that. >_>

And I've been sunbathing a couple of days after they left! After today's session (haha) I NOW HAVE A SUNBURN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY FACE!!!! like.. is that even possible? it looks weird as hell, i assure you that.



Kent - Sverige

Sverige, Sverige älskade vän
En tiger som skäms
Jag vet hur det känns
När allvaret har blivit ett skämt
När tystnaden skräms
Vad är det som hänt

Välkommen, välkommen hit
Vem du än är var du än är

Duka din veranda till fest
För en långväga gäst
I landet lagom är bäst
Vi skålar för en midsommar till
Färsk potatis och sill
Som om tiden stått still

Välkommen, välkommen hit
Vem du än är var du än är

Regnet slår mot rutorna nu
Men natten är ljus i ett land utan ljud
Och glasen glittrar tyst på vårt bord
Lika tomma som ord
Visst är kärleken stor

Välkommen, välkommen hit
Vem du än är var du än är
Välkommen, välkommen hit
Vem du än är var du än är




[alla bilder är ©opyright SVT :D]


Today was the last day of school. We began at like 8.15 and just sat in our class room waiting for two in my class, since we were going to get a picture of everyone taken. We waited until like.. 8.45, and then went out to wait some more. :P at like.. 9.30 everyone was there, so we took our picture. Then we went to uh.. where we eat lunch (i don't remember the word..) and we ate cake, and our teacher hold a speech.. after that.. le grand finale in the auditorium! It started out with the principal saying hi to everyone, then Matilda sang "Sverige" by Kent. I love that song.. v_v download download download.. anyway. Everyone sang "I denna ljuva sommartid", and then we had awards and stuff.. "for being a good friend", "for having accomplished this and that".. Madde from our class got one.. I was really surprised, but I'm happy for her. ^^ After that it was time for Erika to sing.. waaah, she's like the best at singing. I don't remember the song's name, but it's known here in Sweden. At the end we were going to get our grades and stuff.. we were the last class to get them.. (we're 9:8.. out of.. eight classes), and after I got off the "stage" (where we got grades and a rose) Josefin was crying like.. A LOT.. so I hugged her, and said goodbye and stuff.. :/
Bleh. Jag hoppas gymnasiet blir bra till hösten.